Visa Terms and Conditions

Transit Visa (5 to 96 HOURS) - STATE OF QATAR

The following terms and conditions apply for the Transit Visa Scheme in Qatar

  • Nationals from a total of 80 countries* can now take advantage of visa free entry into Qatar, thanks to our new visa waiver upon arrival. If you are applying from one of these countries, a pre-approved transit visa is no longer needed. For more information, click here.
  • A pre-approved transit visa for duration between 5 to 96 hours must be processed through a Qatar Airways Office or through the Qatar Airways website. The duration of stay beyond 96 hours is not permitted under this scheme.
  • Individual passport per visitor is mandatory (including infants). A clear passport copy is required to be submitted at a Qatar Airways office or through Qatar Airways website. Passport should be valid for minimum 06 months at the time of entry into Qatar.
  • The processing time for the visa application is a minimum of 07 days excluding Public holidays.
  • Validity of the visa is for a period of 30 days from the date of issuance and for a single entry only. (Extension of validity is not permitted). A fresh visa application must be submitted.
  • Entry to the State of Qatar with approved visa must be within 30 days from the date of issuance of visa, passengers are requested to keep this in mind while planning their itinerary and visa submission.
  • Customers must hold a copy of the approved transit visa at the time of boarding and upon arrival into Qatar.
  • Confirmed tickets for a journey into Qatar and the onward journey out of Qatar must be on Qatar Airways ticket document. Both the flights must be operated by Qatar Airways. The facility is not applicable for travel where Doha is the point of turnaround e.g. BOM-DOH-BOM.
  • Entry into Qatar will be at the discretion of the immigration authorities. Qatar Airways will not be responsible for the decision of the immigration authorities. Qatar Airways offices acts only as a processing agent for visa applications and will not be liable for any expenses incurred should there be a delay in visa issuance or rejection from the Ministry of Interior, State of Qatar.
  • In case of visa rejection upon arrival into Qatar, passenger may travel onwards if holding a valid visa for final destination or make alternative arrangements of return travel to origin/other destination on his own expense. The unutilized portion of the original ticket however may be refunded without penalties. Optionally you may change your itinerary free of charge for rebooking in the same cabin.
  • All other expenses including accommodation costs in Qatar if any, must be borne by the passenger.
  • In addition, reservations & ticketing terms and conditions apply.
  • If you are looking for more information, you can browse our Qatar Transit Visa FAQs.